The Barrier Group is responsible for carrying out major contracts in UK in the module construction, petrochemical and civil engineering industries.

It has developed the use of “black box” coating management and its strength in passive fire protection has given it a capability to handle the very largest contracts awarded in this sector. It has established an enviable reputation in the project management of large contracts where quality, safety, and environmental protection are essential.

With the recent addition of Architectural and Insulation services, coupled with our existing Scaffolding division, the Group can carry out a full outfitting service, carried out by specialists in each of their fields – so there no compromises on performance or quality.

The Group of Companies has a central administration function, but operate as separate Limited Companies. Each has a separate Sales function, focused on a particular discipline. Barrier Limited supplies support services to all the other members of the group, especially in technical and commercial areas, and in the provision of project management, manpower and plant to back up local and field management.

Each discipline has its own Project Management, with flexibility within the group to move Project Managers across disciplines. This gives the group the ability to react quickly to upturns in work. As the administration is centralised, we have greater resources to produce QA documentation etc.

The group also benefits from sharing technical information, and there is a lot of spin-off between disciplines. As we build most of our own equipment for carrying out specialist projects, we have a lot of equipment available to the whole group of companies.

Training is a major factor in our success, with a growing percentage of our tradesmen being skilled in more than one discipline. This gives us additional flexibility in being able to react quickly to the changing requirements of our clients. Our aim from the outset has been to train to a high level, backed by at least 2 years experience of working in a particular skill before considering the tradesman competent in that skill.

Working overseas has been a major factor in our success. We are often required to complete work away from UK. We use regionally located companies, based in strategic overseas markets to provide clients with local knowledge of commercial and technical requirements and maintain continuity of contact for planning and logistical support.

Responsibility for quality, safety, and environmental philosophies, procedures and training in all disciplines is managed in-house.