Barrier has been associated with the oil & gas industry for nearly 40 years, and is conversant with the exacting standards of the industry. Barrier Group companies are registered to BS EN ISO 9001:2008. The company Quality Philosophy is readily available while the full scope of Quality Plans and Procedures are developed for specific projects.

These standards are carried across to our work in the Petrochemical, Marine, and Nuclear markets. All major projects have their own quality documentation, based on group-wide procedures.

The company has trained painting inspectors to NACE Level 3.


Barrier Limited maintains a Health, Safety and Environmental Policy to ensure, as far as practicable, the health and safety of persons involved in the work carried out by the Company and to prevent damage to property in accordance with the guidelines laid down by the “Health and Safety at Work Act 1974” and other relevant legislation. The Company Health, Safety and Environmental Policy and Procedures are available to clients, management and employees.

For some processes, additional research into specific problems associated with dust emission, noise and waste handling has been carried out to reduce exposure to personnel and the environment.

All operations including projects will be executed in conformity to the Barrier Limited Safety Manual which is available for inspection. It is the policy of the company to maintain the highest possible HSE standards, which will be upheld whilst engaged in the work on the project.

It is part of the company HSE policy that all personnel working onsite undergo a Safety Induction. Where appropriate, in order to comply with this requirement all site visits shall be agreed in advance, visitors being made aware of this requirement.

This HSE policy extends to any Subcontractors associate with the project. The Project safety and Environmental Management System outlines the commitment towards safety.


Barrier Limited has an excellent track record for working in an environmentally friendly way. The company has almost eliminated the use of expendable blasting grit, and manages its solvent use to keep this to the minimum.

The company works within all existing UK and European legislation. It also complies with any additional requirements of its clients.

The project environmental policy will conform to the Barrier Environmental Policy. The Barrier Environmental Manual is available for inspection.


Barrier Limited has carried out its own in-house training for some years, to an internationally-accepted standard, having completed courses in UK, Europe, South Africa, the Middle East and Canada.

Barrier training modules conform to a recognised training standard to establish competencies within the UK. The company has an approved status as a training school for ICATTS, and from the leading epoxy intumescent fireproofing coatings and metal spraying manufacturers.

Our aim is to give our tradesmen a minimum of 2 core skills. This gives us the flexibility to carry out work, and additionally allows us to keep our key tradesmen fully employed and committed to the business, rather than rehire for every project.