Scaffolding and Specialist Access

Scaffolding is supplied as a support service to the other divisions. The company also provides With a workforce of over 100 ‘Advanced’ scaffolders, there are almost no projects too large for us to manage.

The company has a training policy in place, to train local tradesmen wherever we are working.


Barrier also provide access equipment, including ‘Alimaks’ and mobile lifts. The lifts are used where local work to eg an onshore fabrication is required, but a full scaffold would be slow and expensive.


For environmental reasons it is often necessary to totally encapsulate a structure. Barrier has successfully worked in the most difficult situations. Working on nuclear submarines is demanding but has been most successful.

Similarly, working in northern Norway at -32 c painting oil storage tanks required a specialist sheeting system to maintain an environment suitable for painting.


We use cradles where a full scaffold would be prohibitively expensive. These have been most cost-effective on large tanks where traditional scaffold is too slow and expensive. A good example was our coating of a nuclear test plant at Grenoble in France.

Mobile Access

The company also has its own mobile access platforms for work to ships’ hulls etc.

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Designer, supplier and installer of Architectural and Insulation systems, including ductwork for HVAC and Modular Accommodation units.

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Applicator of Passive Fire Protection systems including Epoxy Intumescents. Manufacturer of fireproof panels and boxes.

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Applicator of Syntactic Insulation to subsea manifolds and pipelines. Manufacturer of Syntactic Bouyancy for ROVs and subsea flowlines.

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Manufacturer of rubber or synthetic components, ranging from cut gaskets to specialist fabrications, mouldings, extrusions and mandrel-built hoses.