Thermal Spraying Aluminium

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As members of the Thermal Sprayers Association, we have approved applicators for many clients and projects. Barrier has a highly trained workforce for the application of anti-corrosion coatings, ie zinc, aluminium, and ‘alimag’.

With our TSA coatings still working well after nearly 40 years in the North Sea, we can say we have proved the longevity of these coatings, and our ability to apply them.

In the ‘90s, having convinced ConocoPhillips of the outstanding performance of TSA, they specified TSA for the whole Judy/Joanne platform (some 70,000m2 in total). Apart from a few minor repairs, this system is performing well after 20 years, surviving the hostile environment of the North Sea.

Barrier has a large pool of applicators, as the TSA process itself is slow compared with paint spraying. This proved invaluable when we had to apply 7,000m2 to the cellar deck of Nexen ‘Buzzard’ platform in 4 weeks. By careful planning, Heerema were able to continue work on 50% of the under-deck with a gap between us and their operatives. This enabled them to take the TSA coating off the critical path.

In addition we can apply powdered aluminium (PTSA) to mechanically prepared surfaces to the same adhesion levels as flame or arc applied TSA. This is a cost-effective way of treating repairs to TSA, and eliminates the need to gritblast around sensitive equipment.

This work has been carried out worldwide, including South Africa, Finland, Germany, Romania, Canada, and elsewhere.

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