By Mick Flaherty, MD at UK Total Solutions

The North East of England is a key component in the UK’s oil and gas supply chain, its tier 1 and tier 2 companies boast some of the most skilled and competent workers in industry.

They’re in high demand, but the nature of their work often involves accessing hard to reach locations and, without the correct training, safe working becomes increasingly difficult.

Our recent IRATA accreditation for rope access training facility acknowledges the fact that we offer the perfect solution to such a problem. By providing workers with the skills and competencies to operate at heights, companies no longer need to worry about safe access, which in the past may have compromised the ability to undertake a contract.

An in-depth, six week audit of our equipment, classrooms, training material and procedures enabled IRATA to assess the work we do and ensure it followed the International Code of Practice.

As an addition, we have taken Rope Access training to “new heights” with the interception of T.R.A.C.C (trade rope access competency certificate) we will be the first in the industry to offer such a course that combines trade and rope access into one course. This will be the highest level of competency ensuring efficiencies, productivity but more importantly SAFETY in the working environment (more to follow)

It’s something we’re extremely proud of and look forward to working with local companies to develop the North East’s skilled workforce even further in the near future.

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